Weirdest Lost and Found Items on St. Louis Craigslist



Now that it's summer, it's super easy to misplace things while you're off having fun wearing awesome patriotic gear or watching your new favorite sport. People leave all kinds of items in weird places. A wallet here. A pair of sunglasses there. A light-up Iron Man mask with voice activation under there. You know, the usual.

But on Craigslist, nothing is "the usual." Resisting the urge to peek at the local Missed Connection postings, we took a spin through the Lost and Found section to see if we could help our dear readers locate the things they can't live without. We knew there would be many wayward cats and dogs listed (Get help finding your pet here!), but we were surprised to discover plenty of other weird stuff that St. Louisans misplace. Read on to find out if any of it's yours. (Note: all spelling, capitalization, wording and punctuation are exactly as they appear in the original ads.)

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Found picture I found this picture in a parking lot. (Contact info here)

There's no photo in the Craigslist ad, so... you know... super helpful! We love a good mystery.

Found: Braided Weave!


Anyone lose part of a braided weave?? If so, this is your lucky day! I have found it located on the third rung of the blue arched stepladder at Pleasant Hill Park in Belleville (between the two baseball fields). Looks like it is currently being repurposed as a makeshift noose or rope of some sort. Wouldn't want anyone to lose sleep over this lost treasure, as his/her *herrr* won't be *did* without this one-lock wonder!! So, tell me, are you the mystery Rapunzel?? Or perhaps you are merely a random being in need of a last-minute hair accessory for your hot date tonight? If so, I've got just what you're looking for! You don't even have to style it yourself -- someone had you in mind and did it for you!! Anyway, time's a-tickin', so please hurry before your window of opportunity slams shut! Get there and grab it before it's too late! (Who knows, it may even double as a good-luck charm and *someone* just might get *lucky* tonight! Never underestimate the power of the all-mighty weave!) Oh, and you're welcome! ;) (Contact info here)

We have no words.

Lost White Fire Helmet (The Grove) Car was stolen in February near Manchester and Tower Grove. Fire fighter plates and a white fire helmet are believe to have been tossed somewhere. Car was found on Lafayette near Vandeventer. Helmet is white says Goodson on the back, Monarch Batt Chief on the front. This helmet belonged to a good friend who has passed and has irreplaceable sentimental value. (Contact info here)

Well now we're just sad.

A menagerie is waiting for you on page two.


We had no idea that so many residents have pigeons -- or that they'd be so difficult to keep!

Homing pigeon found (Arnold) Found in Arnold one homing pigeon that is banded (Contact info here)

But shouldn't a homing pigeon know how to go home?

found tame brown pigeon (s. kingshighway)


my brother saw a unusual brown pigeon yesterday in the parking lot of Big Lots on s kingshighway. He took notice because a child was attempting to kick at the bird. afraid it would be injured, my brother picked it up and brought it home. it is in my brother's & Dad's back yard and will not leave. they have given it some food and water. we suspect it is someone's pet. (Contact info here)

Wait, might the pigeons above and below be the same bird?

Found a fancy pigeon (south st. louis) Found a fancy pigeon in the vicinity of gravois and Loughborough....he's obviously somebody's pet by his mannerisms. (Contact info here)

Won't somebody please think of the pigeons?

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Dogs, cats and an apparently giant flock of pigeons aren't the only animals living it up out there.

Found pony (Dittmer area) Found pony. You must be able to identify. Contact Suzette (Contact info here)

Did anyone lose 2 ducklings? (Weird I know lol ) (Imperial ) I just found 2 ducklings walking up my street. We don't have a lake or anything near by so it makes me think they belong to a neighbor. Anyone looking for their missing ducks? :) (Contact info here)

OK, for real, how on earth do you lose a pony?

Do you think you're lucky, punk? Find out on page three.

401(K) 2012 | FLICKR


We're holding onto hope that readers will be able to help with the pigeons, ponies and miscellaneous junk. But jewelry and cash? Lovies, as much as we want to believe the best in people, you're probably out of luck unless a member of the uber-virtuous Brady Bunch found your stuff.

Lost: $100. Ferguson/Dellwood (10794 New Halls Ferry Road) On May 17th, in the mid morning, I lost two $50 bills. That was my last $100. It could have been found near O'Reilly's. Please hand it to the folks in the Pawn Shop. They'll know how to return it. Or add it to a church collection this weekend. Thank you. (Contact info here)

Lost $300 at Walgreens (Delmar and 170) I had just been paid by my mother to mow her and her husbands grass for the summer. I was on my way home with it but had to stop by Walgreens first... Last time I remember seeing it was at Walgreens at Delmar and 170. I'm broke now but if anyone happens to see or hear anything let me know. Thank you. (Contact info here)

Class Ring Found


Class ring with engraving on the inside found on May 11, 2014 at the bus stop at the intersection of Lindell Blvd and Compton Ave. (Contact info here)

Quick, someone tell Jostens!

lost my diamond out of my ring (house springs-fenton-pacific-eureka) Ok I know this is a long shot but miracles happen. The stone is diamond shape and isover 1 caret other wise know as marquees . Please if you have found my stone please return it to me. It has sentimental value. I will give a reward to the person that returns it. It could be lost in fenton high ridge house springs eureka pacific any of these towns. Please if you find it get it back to me. Thank you (Contact info here)

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, you know. Here's hoping someone takes a shine to helping.

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