Presley the Camel Born at Saint Louis Zoo, Named After Father, Elvis (PHOTOS)


Presley the camel was born June 4. - CHRISTOPHER CARTER/STL ZOO
  • Christopher Carter/STL Zoo
  • Presley the camel was born June 4.

It's a boy!

A baby Bactrian camel was born at the Saint Louis Zoo on June 4, which was a Wednesday or, appropriately, "hump day."

The 86-pound baby camel is named Presley, a nod to his father, Elvis. The camel's mother's name is Celeste.

  • Bryan Denning

Bactrian camels like Presley, Elvis and Celeste are critically endangered, according to the zoo. Fewer than 1,000 wild camels are left in their native habitat in the deserts and grasslands of Mongolia.

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Presley was born a little later than is typical. Calves are usually born in March or April after an 11-month gestation period.

  • Greg Bond

Bactrian camels adapt to their desert lifestyle with long eyelashes and elongated nostrils to protect them from blowing dust and sand. They also store engergy-rich fat in their humps to survive long periods without food. Baby camels' humps lay flat against their sides after they're born.

Welcome to the world, Baby Presley!

  • Robin Winkelman

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