Penguins & Puffins Are Live via Webcam While St. Louis Zoo Builds Polar Bear Habitat


The Saint Louis Zoo penguins are webcasting, and we might just watch forever. - HERKIE ON FLICKR
  • Herkie on flickr
  • The Saint Louis Zoo penguins are webcasting, and we might just watch forever.

A trip to the Saint Louis Zoo just isn't complete without watching the penguins and puffins swim and squawk, so it was a real bummer when their exhibit closed last summer during construction on the new polar bear habitat.

But the zoo knows St. Louisans can't hold on one more year without checking in on their penguin pals. Two new webcams will now broadcast the animals live from behind-the-scenes.

The cameras come just in time. A baby gentoo penguin chick hatched on December 23, and anyone watching the penguin-cam closely enough can sometimes spot the fuzzy chick burrowed under its parents in their rock nest.

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Here's a video of the chick being weighed after it was born, so you know what to watch for:

The only other way to see the penguins and puffins before the polar bear exhibit opens next year is by paying $50-a-head for a private tour.

Since penguins and puffins are from opposite hemispheres, they are on opposite day/night cycles. That makes the two live webstreams look like their being broadcast at two different times of day, according to the zoo.

The cameras run during zoo hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., previously recorded footage will play.

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