14 Dogs (and a Chicken) Romping in the St. Louis Snow Storm That Will Warm Your Heart



Don't judge us.

It's a snow day, and we're a little stir crazy. If a foot of snow is going to keep us indoors all day, we want to look at puppies!

St. Louis will be lucky to see temperatures above zero Monday, and so residents and their pets alike stuck inside to avoid very real threats of frostbite and hypothermia.

Today's temperatures are so low, the city will confiscate any pets left outside and cite the owners for animal abuse. Call animal control at 314-657-1500 if your pet or a neighbor's needs help.

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So if we have to be stuck inside, Daily RFT thinks we might as well look at adorable photos of dogs (and one chicken) frolicking in the snow. Here are fourteen of our favorites:

1. Snow gets this chihuahua hella stoned.

2. "I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready let's go!"

3. Any more snow and this little one is going to need a tunnel to do its business.

4. Now THIS is a big smile.

5. This fuzzy little mop is catching little white specs in its fur.

6. Chicken break! It's not just dogs that got to frolic in the snow.

7. Romping in the snow can really wear you out.

Lots more cuteness after the jump! 8. This dog is so over it...

9. ...and so is this squirrel.

10. "Can we go inside now?"

11. Dogs in clothes are the best part of winter.

12. Whoa, are those reflectors?

13. Can you find it?

14. One more chihuahua. We can't help it.

15. Snow makes this dog hover.

16. And this one is our favorite. Looks like someone doesn't love the snow.

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