5 St. Louis Blues Who Look Like Actors, French Philosophers, and Bill Nye the Science Guy


David Backes looks like that guy from that thing. - WIKIPEDIA/JOHNMAXMENA2
  • wikipedia/Johnmaxmena2
  • David Backes looks like that guy from that thing.

They are questions that have been on the mind of every Blues fan.

Was David Backes in that Netflix movie I just watched?

Which French intellectual does Darren Pang remind me of?

Why does Jaroslav Halak make me want to smoke meth?

Well, don't worry, because Daily RFT has figured it out for you. Here are the answers:

David Backes and Willem Dafoe

Backes is known outside of hockey for his love of dogs, and Dafoe used to be known for being a vegetarian. But apparently, he no longer is. He probably doesn't eat dogs, though, so Backes is cool with him.

David Backes - ST. LOUIS BLUES
  • St. Louis Blues
  • David Backes
  • Wikimedia/Seanglass
  • Willem Dafoe

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Jaroslav Halak and Aaron Paul

Halak is from Slovakia. Paul played a meth cook in New Mexico. There was a never fully explained link between the meth Jesse and Walter were cooking in New Mexico and some buyers in the Czech Republic. Slovakia is not the Czech Republic but it's very, very close. Plus, these guys kinda look alike.

Jaroslav Halak - ST. LOUIS BLUES
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Jaroslav Halak
  • Wikimedia/gdcgraphics
  • Aaron Paul

You want to see who Darren Pang and Brett Hull look like, so check out the next page...

Darren Pang and Michel Foucault

"Panger" is one of hockey's best commentators, which means he sits in a booth and analyzes players who are constantly aware that they might be watched and judged.

Foucault is one of the 20th century's most celebrated philosophers who famously wrote about the panopticon effect on society, which is basically when people believe there's a possibility being watched, they internalize certain behavior that's considered to be more appropriate in the eyes of whoever is watching them.

Same thing, really.

Darren Pang - ST. LOUIS BLUES
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Darren Pang
  • Wikimedia/dukesnider44
  • Michel Foucault

Jay Boumeester and Bill Nye the Science Guy

Quite honestly, there's probably nothing these two have in common. Your humble reporter just thought they looked alike and it was funny.

Jay Boumeester - ST. LOUIS BLUES
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Jay Boumeester
Bill Nye the Science Guy - WIKIMEDIA/HS4G
  • Wikimedia/Hs4g
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

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Brett Hull and Kirk Douglas

Like-father-like-son genes are so strong in the Douglas and Hull families, they have to be related somehow. Therefore, Michael could probably play hockey and Brett could probably play Liberace.

  • Twitter/Brett Hull
  • Brett Hull
Kirk Douglas
  • Kirk Douglas

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