Missouri Drug Cop Accepts Challenge to Debate Show-Me Cannabis on Marijuana Prohibition


Because this is America, a drug cop and a marijuana advocate will debate the pros and cons of legalization. - WIKIMEDIA/JUSTINMASTRA1
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  • Because this is America, a drug cop and a marijuana advocate will debate the pros and cons of legalization.

Kevin Glaser -- the retired narcotics officer who politely addressed marijuana-legalization advocates only to then blast them on Facebook -- was challenged to a public debate by John Payne, the executive director of Show-Me Cannabis. Glaser refused, but another drug cop has accepted the challenge to defend the prohibition of pot.

Jason Grellner, a top member of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association, tells Daily RFT, "I would be more than happy to meet John from Show-Me Cannabis down in Poplar Bluff to debate the issue or anywhere else he would like to. We believe that we have more than enough science and economics on our side to prove our point."

Grellner also distanced the MNOA from Glaser's comments about people who advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

"Mr. Glaser believes that the communication that he left on Facebook was just going out to those in his friends category, and those are not the thoughts or wishes or programming of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association," Grellner says.

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Payne has given Glaser a public ultimatum: Either apologize or step-down as vice president of the MNOA. But Grellner says such an apology will be up to Glaser.

"We'll talk with Mr. Glaser about the statements he made," Grellner says. "But again, he thought his statements were just going to his friends, and it was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but that will be up to Mr. Glaser as to whether or not he makes a formal apology."

As for Glaser stepping down, it's unlikely, but Grellner didn't outright reject the idea.

"We'll look into the matter, but we are not, at this time, asking him to step down," he says.

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Payne tells Daily RFT that he is happy Grellner has agreed to a debate to defend the MNOA's anti-marijuana stand, and he said he would contact Grellner to set up a time and date, possibly in St. Louis, which he said would be a better location since it would be "mutual territory."

Payne is from Poplar Bluff (but resides in St. Louis) and Grellner is from Franklin County.

However, what he would really like is for Glaser to apologize for his comments about the people who attended the legalization town hall in Cape Girardeau.

In an e-mail exchange with Glaser, Payne says the former drug cop explained that he was talking about people he knew personally who he says are known for causing "trouble in the community."

"I don't live there. I can't speak to that. But he was painting with a broad brush," Payne says. "He was basically saying that everybody in that room is illiterate and a welfare recipient, and that is grossly unfair. And I think he should apologize for that. And if he's unwilling to apologize for that, and if those are his true feelings about everyone who advocates for the legalization of cannabis, then I don't think he has any business being in a group that advocates for any public policies."

If Payne and Grellner do set up a time to debate marijuana legalization, it won't be the first time. The two squared off in 2011 on The Jaco Report.

This time around, however, there could be more substance to discuss. Since that 2011 debate, Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and Uruguay became the first country to do the same.

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It might be too early to tell, but those places have yet to turn into hellish cesspools of reefer-crazed maniacs wreaking havoc and destruction wherever a bong has been hit.

We'll keep you posted when a time and location have been agreed upon.

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