World Series Tickets Are Wicked Expensive for Red Sox Fans, Still Pricey in St. Louis



It will cost more to watch Game Six or Seven of the St. Louis Cardinals-Boston Red Sox World Series in Fenway Park than it would to fly to St. Louis from Boston and catch the contest at Busch Stadium.

Red Sox fans are paying 81 percent more on average for a scalped ticket, says Jesse Lawrence, CEO at event-ticket website TiqIQ. One of Fenway's 37,400 seats costs $1,704 averaged out over four games, while St. Louisans are averaging $940 for one of Busch's 46,861 seats.

Here's the game-by-game breakdown, via TiqIQ: -Game, Location: Average/Cheapest -Game One, Boston: $1,451/$359 -Game Two, Boston: $1,506/$375 -Game Three, St. Louis: $960/$283 -Game Four, St. Louis: $959/$296 -Game Five, St. Louis: $920/$267 -Game Six, Boston: $1,761/$541 -Game Seven, Boston: $1,863/$608

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Fenway Park's cheapest tickets across all four games is $423, while standing-room-only at Busch Stadium for Game Five is only $267. Add on about $400 to fly direct to St. Louis, and we could see Boston fans headed to The Lou for (comparatively) cheap.

When the Sox and the Redbirds faced off in the 1967 World Series, a standing-room ticket at Fenway Park was $4, Lawrence says.

On StubHub, the Cardinals' official ticket partner, tickets for Games Three, Four and Five range from about $400 to almost $16,000 for a green seat. Folks are selling on Craigslist, too, for between $900 and a few thousand dollars.

Fans from both teams are paying a more than 1,400 percent premium for their tickets, according to TiqIQ.