VIDEO: Fake Dodgers Mascot Puts On Bear Costume and Dances On Cards' Dugout


The bear is actually a pretty good dancer. - YOUTUBE
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  • The bear is actually a pretty good dancer.

In Hollywood, everybody wants to be a star -- but some people just want to be a Dodgers mascot.

During Game 3 of the National League Championship Series last night, a Dodgers fan put on a bear costume with a Dodgers jersey and danced atop the Cardinals dugout. One would think that was just the team's mascot entertaining the fans, but the Dodgers don't even have a mascot.

The man in the bear costume was not paid a Dodgers employee -- he was just a fan with a shabby ursine outfit who decided to really get into the game.

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But Dodger stadium security couldn't, ahem, bear it, so they yanked the wannabe mascot down and escorted him to an undisclosed den location.

Here's a video of the incident:

There is no word on whether the Dodgers will enact a ban on bear costumes in the stadium.

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