VIDEO: Jon Stewart Calls Out Missouri's Denial Of Medicaid Expansion, "Total Dickishness"


  • The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took a few cracks at Missouri on last night's episode, calling out state along with 25 others for refusing federal money that would completely cover the cost of expanding Medicaid for the next three years.

All 26 states have either GOP governors or Republican-controlled legislatures. They're all guilty of "total dickishness," as Stewart put it.

Stewart had some more choice words for Missouri State Senator John Lamping, who was shown in a clip saying that Missouri couldn't expand its Medicaid program since "we can barely afford to be in the Medicaid program as it exists today."

Stewart brought the hammer down down on Lamping's argument. "Boy, that is a tough choice," he said. "Should we, as a state, accept 100 percent this program's expansion costs from the federal government for the first three years? Or, I don't know, fuck it?"

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Here's the segment from last night's episode. The setup is in the first clip, Missouri gets a beating in the one below that:

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