Report: Big Increase in Bed Bugs in St. Louis



There has been a pretty big increase in bed bug infestation calls in St. Louis.

So says a new report from Terminix, a pest control company that has released its annual data on bed bug calls in cities across the country.

And St. Louis made the cut! As one of the cities with the greatest increases in bed bug complaints, that is.

The data relates to bed bug complaint calls directly to Terminix, so take it with a grain of salt.

Still, St. Louis is number seven on the list of top fifteen cities with the greatest increases in calls.

That jump, related to number of bed bug calls through May of this year, is 40 percent in St. Louis. The increase is not far behind Sacramento, California -- the number one city at 54 percent.

St. Louis is not, however, on the top ten list of bed bug calls overall. So there's that!

Here's the list of top fifteen cities with the greatest increases, followed by the top ten cities for net calls:

Sacramento, Calif. -- 54%
Milwaukee - 53%
Las Vegas - 50%
Columbus, Ohio - 47%
Baltimore - 46%
Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif. - 41%
St. Louis - 40%
Cleveland - 36%
Louisville, Ky. - 31%
Denver -- 28%
Los Angeles - 27%
San Francisco - 26%
Dallas/Ft. Worth - 25%
Nashville, Tenn. - 17% Houston - 15%

And top ten cities:

New York
Los Angeles

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