Kansas City Police Dept. Loves Footage of Officer Falling, Airs on Tonight Show (VIDEO)


KCPD's finest takes a tumble. - VIA YOUTUBE
  • via YouTube
  • KCPD's finest takes a tumble.

Earlier this month, a Kansas City police officer trying to pull a fallen tree from the road fell to the ground in the process when a branch broke. It's some pretty classic slapstick hilarity -- see for yourself below.

And officials in the department seem to think it's pretty hilarious, too!

They've been spreading the joy on YouTube and Twitter, enough so that the folks at the Tonight Show apparently heard about it and decided to air it.

That's right, national fame for one of KCPD's finest.

Here's the video from May 2, titled '"I don't need no stinking chainsaw!" It has more than 17,000 hits.

As you can see, the police department was happy to share it.

And was pleased with the publicity:

But don't feel bad for the dude! He's "taking it all in stride."

The officer, Pepper Walker, told a local station, "It was kind of funny seeing myself on national TV."

Funny indeed, sir.

Here's Wednesday's Tonight Show.

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