Ryan Fogle: Diplomat Accused of Being CIA Spy in Russia From St. Louis, Went to Ladue School


Ryan Fogle, CIA spy? - VIA RT.COM VIDEO.

Ryan Fogle, 29, graduated from Mary Institute and Country Day School in Ladue in 2002. His family reportedly has roots in Clayton and Richmond Heights. And yesterday, he was apparently detained and expelled from Russia after he was accused of being a CIA spy.

In an incredibly bizarre story, Fogle was kicked out of Russia after authorities say they caught him trying to recruit a Russian intelligence official on Monday night -- with a ridiculous wig, a strange recruitment letter and a compass and maps on hand. TPM has done some digging on Fogle, who was at one point a big fan of the Daily Show and was in a fraternity at Colgate University.

Here's video from Russia.

And this is apparently what he had on him when he was caught.

Fogle was allegedly trying to recruit a Russian counterterrorism officer who specializes in the Caucasus region where the Boston Marathon bombing suspects reportedly had ties.

RT.com has a translation of the letter he reportedly used in his recruiting efforts.

Today, the Russian foreign ministry summoned the U.S. ambassador to Russia in response to Fogle's detention in Moscow.

Here's a CNN report on Fogle.

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