Video: Todd Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Remark Makes "Law & Order: SVU" Plotline


The real Todd Akin and the "congressman" from Law & Order SVU.
  • The real Todd Akin and the "congressman" from Law & Order SVU.

This summer will mark a full year since former Representative Todd Akin detonated the "legitimate rape" remark on his own campaign and became a legitimate laughing stock.

The phrase took on a life of its own after that, so much so that now -- eight months later -- Detective Olivia Benson herself will scoff at it on this week's episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."


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Although the line itself may have been "ripped from the headlines," the actual story in Wednesday's episode bears little resemblance to what really happened. Rather than uttering it on a Missouri Fox affiliate, a cuckoo-crazy "congressman" will say it on the witness stand in defense of a rapist. A departure, certainly, but with unambiguous origins. Here's the key line:

"It's nearly impossible for a victim of legitimate rape to become pregnant."

Watch the preview below:

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