Snowstorm: 20 People Who Officially Hate Missouri Weather (PHOTOS)


Spring?!?! - SAM LEVIN
  • Sam Levin
  • Spring?!?!

Only in Missouri!

With nothing to do but stay inside and wish there was more food in your fridge, Missourians across the state took to Twitter to vent about just how awful and confusing the climate in the Show-Me state is and just how incredibly cruel the weather gods are to give us this horrible snow on the first weekend of spring -- for some a messy, yucky, frigid end to a spring break that, just a few days ago, seemed so nice!

Daily RFT, also stuck inside, decided to collect the top Tweets from those declaring their official hatred for Missouri or their realizations that Mother Nature is really losing it these days. We feel your pain.

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20. Mother Nature is on crack. 19. Mother Nature is drunk. 18. Open letter to Missouri snow. 17. Time to leave this state behind! 16. So much hate.

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15. Spring break?!? WTF?!? 14. Trying to drive through the mess. 13. Maybe time to get a garage. 12. Brings out the worst in our drivers. 11. Jealous of your spring break.

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10. Praying for it to end. 9. Idiot, groundhog! 8. This worried cat. 7. Should not have prayed for a white Christmas. 6. March = abominable snow man.

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5. This is why everyone hates the midwest. 4. I hate Missouri...because of all the complaining! 3. This guy who needs all-season tires for his suitcase. 2. C'mon, global warming! 1. I want to die.

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