Top Ten Harlem Shake Videos In Missouri


A semi-NSFW Harlem Shake. Videos below. - VIA YOUTUBE
  • via YouTube
  • A semi-NSFW Harlem Shake. Videos below.

We can't ignore it any longer. The Harlem Shake has officially gone viral. This video dance meme trend thingy is so viral that folks all over Missouri have been jumping on the fad in hopes of achieving some true virality here. In support of these attempts -- and some have a lot of views already! -- we've collected the top ten Harlem Shake videos made in Missouri. Shockingly, there were quite a few more to choose from.

Check out our favorite locally produced, thirty-second dance videos below.

10. Shake for the St. Louis Blues While this may not be the most energetic of Harlem Shakes we've ever seen, we're a big fan of the little "Let's Go Blues" girl in the front.

9. Mr. WashU Crocodiles, crowns, tutus -- what's not to like?

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8. Faith and Hope What better way for Saint Louis Christian College to promote an upcoming faith event than the Harlem Shake. Right? Right.

7. Motorcycle Stunt Creativity points goes to the St. Louis crew that put together this motorcycle edition of the Harlem Shake.

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6. Mizzou Classic Spoiler alert: This is not the only Mizzou Harlem Shake on our list. But this makes our top ten for the classic intimate dorm-room setting characteristic of the one that started this whole thang.

5. Missouri Western Harlem Shake It's more than just some normal kids in hoodies with backpacks. Just wait for it.

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4. Stop, Drop and Roll -- and Do the Harlem Shake What up, Ozarks!

3. Swimmers Know How To Shake Potentially not safe for work.

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2. SLU Shake 15,000 views, not bad...

1. Mizzou Shake ...but not as good as 40,000. Mizzou wins.

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