Divorced Men Can Get Laid, St. Louis Author Assures


Greg Fisher: Had a wife, but couldn't keep her.
  • Greg Fisher: Had a wife, but couldn't keep her.

Valentine's Day is not a holiday most divorced men look forward to. But then most those guys have yet to read Crestwood author Greg Fisher's new book, The Divorced Men's Survival Guide.

In it Fisher dispenses all kinds of advice for men emerging from a failed marriage, including tips on how to cook, maintain good hygiene and budget their finances. There's even a chapter titled "How to Get Laid."

Fisher's advice for his fellow male divorcees looking to get lucky this February 14?

"Rent a chick flick, cook her dinner, massage her feet. Women love it when you show them attention," he says.

And if you don't have a lady?

"Go out there and find yourself someone!" says Fisher. "Don't be scared to try. So many guys get in a rut after a divorce. They sit around and mope. Yet over 400,000 men get divorced each year in America. As I tell readers at the end of each chapter, 'You are not alone in this, even if you think you are.'"

Fisher knows from firsthand experience. As his nineteen-year marriage drew to a close in in 2008, he says he was surprised by how little self-help literature existed for men like himself.


"Sure there are those "Divorce for Dummies" kind of books, but they are mostly about the law. Other books on the topic are just so damn dry," says Fisher, a business owner who also dabbles as a stand-up comic. "I wanted something that was conversational, like guys talking among themselves."

So last year the 45-year-old father of three daughters picked up a pen and started writing down his own experience and those of his divorced friends. Some six months later he had nearly 200 pages of advice on how divorced men can get their mojo back -- even if they are penniless and pound heavy.

"The first place a man is going to feel the hit is in the pocketbook," explains Fisher. "That why I have suggestions for dating on a dime. I have dozens of ideas that will cost you less than $40, and many are free or under $20.

"I also offer advice on dating within your wheelhouse. If you're 55, bald and overweight and don't drive a Maserati, don't think you're going to date a 24-year-old woman who's a 10 on the charts.

Not that you have to extraordinarily handsome to woo the ladies. Fisher considers himself a 7, and he did just fine for himself, thank you. However, he no longer practices his own advice on how to hook up. These days he says he's more interested in finding love. But will he walk down the aisle once more?

"I'm not so scared of getting married," he says. "But I'm terrified of getting divorced again."

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