17 of St. Louis' Best Valentine's Day Standbys



Fresh out of ideas and feeling pressured to make this Valentine's Day the Best Valentine's Day Ever? Just breathe. We've done some of the work for you. Now only if you can remember to keep the food in your mouth and to stifle the political rants for one single night.

Try these Valentine's Day suggestions from our 2012 Best of St. Louis issue.

17. Once picked as the "Best Place for a Last Date", this downtown attraction is also a solid choice for a regular, non-dumping-situation date and is the winner for Best Museum.

16. With a date or solo, a strip joint is almost-never a bad idea, which is why spending Valentine's Day at this strip club (winner of Best Strip Joint, 2012) is worth some consideration.

15. Or just stay home, after a trip to the Best Adult Video Store.

14. While at home, you can always stare into the eyes of the Best News Anchor.

13. Show him (or her, whichever) your best side with Best Lingerie winner.

12. Be prepared for any proposals. Know about the Best Bridal Shop first.

11. What lasts longer than most marriages? Tattoos. Ink your love at the Best Tattoo Parlor.

10. Presented without comment: The Best Place to Buy Sex Toys.

9. Is that the earth shaking? No it's just the Best Cheap Thrill (and a cheap date, you cheap-skate.)

8. Classic date activity: Bowling. Here's the winner for Best Bowling Lanes.

7. If the night's going really well, you may end up at the Best 3 a.m. Bar.

6. And if your night went too well, consider going to this place, home of the Best Breakfast with a Hangover.

The Crow's Nest.
  • The Crow's Nest.

5. Of course, you don't need a date to eat well on Valentine's Day. After all, it's just a holiday propped-up by the greeting card companies. So go to the Best Place to Eat Out Alone.

4. Feeling scandalous? Try the Best Place to Meet Married Men. Or the Best Place to Meet Married Women. 'Scuse you!

3. If you're lucky enough to have somebody else pick up the tab on this Valentine's Day, consider the Sidney Street Cafe. Because you know, it's the Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays.

2. You've been biding your time on unloading that dead weight. Hurt 'em in a bad way (because you love drama) by putting the Best Place for a Last Date to use.

1. Quite simply, this is the Best Place to Meet Single Women.