"What High School Should We Call Me" Still Waiting for David Freese Retweet


Meme Girls: Herzog and Derus display their RFT Web Awards hardware.
  • Meme Girls: Herzog and Derus display their RFT Web Awards hardware.

What High School Should We Call Me was recently named Best Local Meme in Riverfront Times 2013 Web Awards. For a full list of winners click here.

"Well this was inevitable."

Those were the words Lisa Derus tweeted to her friends last May when she sent them a link to a new Tumblr blog called What High School Should We Call Me. What her friends didn't know at the time was that Derus and her friend Lindsey Herzog were the brains behind the site. And what no one could possibly have known back then was just how popular the blog would become -- picking up 1.7 million page views and 155,000 unique visitors over the past eight months.

The site's name plays off the popular blog "#whatshouldwecallme," in which an animated GIF photo illustrates a universal thought or feeling. On "What High School Should We Call Me," the GIFs include witty captions about St. Louis topics. In one popular post from last year, the Kenny Powers character from HBO's Eastbound & Down mouths the words "I can already tell that I don't like you" in response to the headline, "When someone says they don't like Imo's."

"The blog is like a giant inside joke that everyone from St. Louis understands," says Derus, who, like Herzog, works in public relations.

Derus and Herzog waited until December to reveal themselves as the blog's authors out of concern that their own backgrounds (Derus is from Chicago; Herzog graduated from MICDS) might influence reader reaction to the site. It hasn't.

If anything the revelation has turned the two 24-year-olds into local celebrities of sorts. They both get friend requests from strangers, and Derus even got asked out on a date via Twitter by some guy with a cartoon character for a profile picture. The one thing Herzog hopes the blog will accomplish still hasn't happened though: "I just want a retweet from David Freese."