[VIDEO] Balloon Totally Destabilizes TV Newscast in Kirksville


Anchor Ela Soroka loses her sh*t - IMAGE VIA
Seriously, Kirksville: What's up with you folks?

Is everyone okay?

Last weekend, some guy up there murdered a person, cut off the victim's arms and threw them at witnesses.

We can all agree that that is crazy.

Yesterday, Kirksville's CBS affiliate, KTVO-TV Channel 3, posted online a video of a newscast that went completely off the rails over a balloon -- a segment in which anchor Ela Soroka actually squeaks the words: "You didn't blow it hard enough!"

Soroka is producer and anchor of the station's morning show, and we all know that morning shows sometimes get a little goofy.

But this -- this is quality television. The best part is the very end, when Soroka swats the balloon: Watch how the weatherman exits the frame. I'm going to call that kind of movement, "Muppet-esque."