Mountain Lion in DeKalb County: The 5th Sighting Since September


This big ol' cat prowled through DeKalb County on 12-12-12 - MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION
  • Missouri Department of Conservation
  • This big ol' cat prowled through DeKalb County on 12-12-12
This mountain lion was photographed with a wildlife cam on private land in the wee hours of Wednesday, December 12.

By my count, that's the fifth sighting of a big cat in Missouri since September 10.

As we've said several times before, this could be different  cougars or all the same cougar; it's impossible to know without DNA evidence, and the Missouri Department of Conservation has not yet made a determination.

But interestingly, the last four sightings were in southern Missouri. This most recent one wasn't down there.

This one was spotted in the northwestern quadrant of the state, just east of St. Joseph.

That's interesting because it appears that mountain lions are migrating to Missouri from South Dakota; therefore, this cat could be a new arrival who's just made it across the plains.

Here's our map of sightings since September 2012; you can click on the thumbtacks to see the date of the sighting:

View Mountain Lion Sightings in a larger map

If you see a mountain lion on your trail cam, here's how to contact the MDC:


Mountain Lion Response Team at 573-815-7901, ext.3623


573-522-4115, ext. 3147 or 3262.

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