KSDK Anchor Pat McGonigle Puts Tongue on Dried Reindeer Poop


KSDK anchor Pat McGonigle licking reindeer dump - IMAGE VIA
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  • KSDK anchor Pat McGonigle licking reindeer dump
A zoo in Bloomington, Illinois is selling ornaments made from genuine reindeer dump. 

We know this because we saw it on KSDK Channel 5.

The dump was lovingly harvested from the zoo's own reindeer -- not from those living in the North Pole. It has been dehydrated and painted, presumably to make it more Christmas-y. (Because when you hang animal dump onto your tree, you want it to feel Christmas-y.)

But rest assured, these things are safe. If you want evidence of that, and of Western civilization's inexorable slide into decadence, then we invite you to watch anchor Pat McGonigle put his tongue on a reindeer-dump ornament. 

Before doing so, he says, "these are actual reindeer droppings, if you dig." You know what, Pat? We do dig. We dig your jive talk, and also that time a few weeks ago when that cat had an accident on you, and now, this video. We dig it all!