Comedian Daniel Tosh Features Tisha "UnArmed" Shelton on Tosh.0



We're not sure how we missed this, but it's so good we had to throw it up here.

Tisha UnArmed, a.k.a. Tisha Shelton of Arnold, achieved internet fame earlier this fall with a series of web videos showing how she navigates day to day life. Shelton was born with no arms and through a series of ingenious innovations, lives independently.

The series went viral enough to catch the eye of Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh, who flew Shelton out to Los Angeles to film a segment for his show. And it's sort of spectacular.

Anyone who is familiar with his show knows that Tosh is uncompromisingly offensive, so it was hard not to feel nervous for Shelton. But as the clip proves, Tosh's brutal honesty can be just as humane as it is funny. More importantly, Shelton totally holds her own, deflecting off-color questions with the same wit and humor that made her internet-famous in the first place.

Check out the interview as well as Shelton's debut as the host of a cooking show called "Sole Food":

We know Shelton is getting some reality TV show offers. If she gets to show off the same edge she shows in this clip, it's going to be the greatest show ever, as opposed to some smarmy, feel-good 18,000 Kids and Counting bullshittery.

We shot Shelton a quick email asking about the experience, she had this to say:

It was awesome Daniel is supper nice and it was my first time to California I had a blast

She also made her trip the subject of a vlog entry, check it out here: