Todd Akin 2012 Riverfront Times Cover Headline Contest



When it came to putting the most fitting punctuation mark at the end of this seemingly interminable 2012 political campaign season, Riverfront Times was hardly at a loss for ideas.

Trouble was, when it came to pulling the lever (so to speak), we inexplicably found ourselves, well...undecided.

So we've decided to give y'all the honor of composing a headline for the cover of our November 8 issue.

By all means, have at it in the comments queue. If we're sufficiently taken with your headline, we'll include it in a roundup post next week. And if we really like it, we'll think of a suitable reward. So be sure to include a legit email address where we can reach you.

All right, boys and girls, have at it!


Go ahead: Write your own Riverfront Times headline!

While you're at it, check out local artist Cameron Fuller's Bacon Akin and these scenes from Todd Akin's Watch Party last night.