Slay's Latest Playoff Wager [UPDATED]



Updated October 23:

Were we the only ones who thought this would never happen? But let it be said of our mayor: He is a man who knows how to take his lumps.


On the bright side, think of the flacks in the SF City Hall who have to eat t-rav now.

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Alert readers may have noticed that our mayor is a betting man. In the past, he has wagered with his fellow mayors on the outcomes of the 2009 and 2011 National League Championship Series, the 2011 World Series (wherein he pissed off In-Bev by offering Schlafly in place the usual Bud) and, least dramatically, if St. Louis' residents could increase their mail-in census forms by a larger percentage than Kansas City's.

Lately, though, Slay's wagers have had higher stakes than barbecue, burritos and beer. Thanks to his wager with D.C. mayor Vincent Gray, the St. Louis city flag will fly over our nation's capital this week. But his latest wager, with San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee over the outcome of the NLCS, may be his most risky yet.

Yesterday afternoon, Slay made this announcement on both his blog and Facebook page:

The Mayor of the losing city will change his Twitter profile picture to the logo of the winning team for a day.

What a deep personal sacrifice! Just imagine. The mayor's Twitter page could look like this:


Now that, friends, is one ugly logo. Because he is a politician, Slay also noted that it is a friendly wager, because Lee is as fond of social media as he is. And also, Jack Dorsey, the St. Louis native who founded Twitter, lives in San Francisco now!

But on his actual Twitter feed, Slay was not afraid to talk a little trash:


Amen, Mr. Mayor.

By the way, in case you were worrying about the lack of food component, have no fear. Slay's on it. Or, as he wrote, "There's also a non-specific food bet component, but that is included mostly to satisfy the always-hungry staffers who handled the details of the wagering."