VIDEO: The TV Ad Dave Spence Doesn't Want You to See


Dave Spence: Shocked that attack ads contain embellishments.
  • Dave Spence: Shocked that attack ads contain embellishments.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence has sent a cease-and-desist letter to television stations around the state warning them they could face legal action if they continue to run what his attorney calls a "defamatory" ad.

The television commercial in question paints Spence as a St. Louis banker whose bank took TARP funds and failed to pay them back. In the meantime, Spence took out an "insider loan" from the bank in order to purchase a million-dollar vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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But as the KC Star point out, the ad is more-or-less accurate. Sure there is a bit of distortion, but would there be any political commercials without some truthiness?

Governor Jay Nixon knows this. As St. Louis Public Radio reports, Nixon's campaign (which paid for the commercial) has sent a follow-up letter to television stations informing them that they are not allowed to censor a political ad or remove a spot containing a candidate's use for any reason.

Below is the ad in question. What do you think? Too scandalous for airwaves?