KMOV: Tipsy Lady Calls 911 Because Her Man Took Away Her Beer


KMOV Channel 4's Matt Sczesny scored a good one last night:

On Saturday evening between 8:30 and 11 p.m., the cops in Belleville, Illinois, got multiple calls from a certain 36-year-old Shannon White.

She was a little tipsy.

But wanted to be tipsier!

And dagnabbit, -- boyfriend? husband? -- had taken away her beer. 

He was apparently unhappy that his dog was missing.

(Man, this is a depressing blog post to write.)

We did enjoy police head honco Don Sax's reminder to citizens that 911 is not a joke:
"It's not designed for people to call and complain that they can't get their beer or are unhappy with a particular situation," said Sax.
Well, right. Unless that "situation" involves, like, homicide.

But beer, no. In that case, don't get the authorities involved.

Watch the segment below: