Streetwalkin' is Bumpin' in South City; Johns Rejoice While Aldermen Look to Legislate


Cardonolet and Dutchtown residents are not happy to see these ladies in their hood. "Mongers", though, are thrilled.
  • Cardonolet and Dutchtown residents are not happy to see these ladies in their hood. "Mongers", though, are thrilled.

Street prostitution is alive and well in parts of South City, and members of the Board of Alderman are working on legislation to shut down strolls in residential areas.

Last week, KMOV 4 reported that street-walking ladies had descended on neighborhoods in Cardonolet and Dutchtown after a city ordinance used to arrest sex workers was ruled unconstitutional last month be a federal court. Today the Board of Alderman introduced a bill at their first meeting after summer recess to allow police officers to arrest suspected prostitutes and their procurers.

A quick Google search turned up hundreds of comments from johns on the forum, trading reviews and phone numbers of women on the South City stroll.

In the segment on KMOV, reporter Russel Kinsaul interviews neighbors and concerned citizens about the women they've seen strutting their stuff. But aside from blurry faraway images of random loitering women, there's no word in any media reports from sex workers or their customers. Daily RFT decided to fill that hole with some select posts from the St. Louis Street Walker Report. No photos in our post, but note that the descriptions that follow are sexually explicit and may be NSFW.

We removed names from the following reviews:

Picked up a WSW T*****, said she only comes around once in a while, last night off Broadway and Robert. We checked each other out, and headed to my secluded place out of the city. Everything was on the menu, I opted for the BBBJ, which she performed well and never watched the clock and then opted for some FS. Never talked about price until clothes were off, but agreed upon. 4 for everything. She is in her 40's, pleasant to talk to, C size and seemed like she would continue as long as I wanted. May repeat.
Note: according to a list of definitions for terms used in escort ads, WSW signifies that the woman is a "white sex worker" and BBBJ means "bareback blow job" or oral sex without a condom. FS means "full-service", i.e. sex.

The other day I ran into WSW B***** on Grand and Chippewa. She only comes out on weekends and is often seen with her sister across from the Wing Stop on Grand. They are usually over that way from 11a. 4a. Her sister has a little more hip hop street personality. Which doesent bother me at all I just like B***** better because she is more cool and laid back and dosen't rush things. If you run into her take her to a Notel and have some fun.
Note: "Notel" refers to a shitty motel.

Went out mongering wed. And thurs. Night and had luck both nights but it was very risky wed. Night, LE was everywhere and I don't just mean they were driving around. They were parking in all the spots where the SW's walk and stand. They were even cruising around the side streets by fassen and broadway with their lights off and blacked out. BTW a couple of weeks ago I was out and they was putting a blonde WSW in the back of their car right when I was driving by at fassen and bw where I had just mentioned. So yes they are even on to those side streets where the girls stand. So be very careful out there fellas! That being said wed. Night I was diping in and out of bw and grand trying not attract too much attention while all of this was going on and decided to drive further up grand across gravois and I ran across shannon a little white WSW down by BP gas station, she jumped in and we went and found a spot waay away from grand! She was pleasant clean and pretty attractive with great skills following my direction and dting the whole time, BTW I had her remove her panties before hand {that is always a must for me}anyway after about ten minutes of heaven she recieved her protein shake taking every drop. Damage was 20 and off we went for drop off. Thurs. Night the LE was out but not as bad as wed. So I made a few laps and ran into a BSW named E on grand right past drews at ho central. She jumped in and was looking mighty fine with a gorgeous smile and very clean with a little black skirt on, so we went and found a spot telling her along the way that she will need to drop her drawers while she does the deed and she smiles and says I'm not wearing panties under this; ] so we get settled and she lifts her skirt and reveals a smoking tight toned ass while she slurps my johnson paying attention to the boys and using her hand while she dt. I couldn't hang on too long with this one and boom I hit the back of here throat saying yeah baby! LOL anyways she recieved her 20 and I dropped her off getting her digits. Sorry so long fellas but I had to get that info out about the LE so be careful out there!
Note: LE denotes "law enforcement" and BSW denotes "black sex worker". Johns prefer to refer to themselves as "mongers", hence the gerund "mongering",
Yo Richiboone MILF Dizzy V******* is WSW L****'s mom. Scroll down to check out her daughter WSW L****. Or just check into the photo section. I call her Dizzyy V***** because when you see her walking her equallibrium seems to be all screwed up like she is drunk or something but she is not her equallibrium is just screwy. WSW Dizzy V****** is usually on Jefferson sometimes you can catch her on Cherokkee and Jefferson walking with her daughter WSW L*****. Her daughter WSW L***** is usually seen over on Grand between the Conoco and T-Drews. And yea bro's they are really Mom and Daughter. Later!

Hey all. Long time no post, but I thought I would confess to a foray on the streets today. I am a BP guy generally and I have some regulars so don't post much now. Today I had no plans to pick anything up, but driving S on BW on the north stroll I spot a cute in the face chick with fake red hair, thought what the hell. Did a few wide circles around BW and Penn to see if she's legit and we connect on a side street.

Note to newbies see how I did NOT slam on my brakes and do a U turn in the middle of BW. I have seen that shit way too much recently. You are asking to be busted. But I digress.

Anyway, said her name was S***** and she usu works grand, but opted for a new local today. I asked if she had a safe place (she did, off chip) , did the cop check, quoted 20 BJ and 40 FS. Headed over to her place for the 40 special. Real quiet girl, but nice.

Get to the place (its a crap hole. No surprise) she gets naked and her bod looks like it has been through a couple of duties in Iraq. And she had a bad odor. Guess I am picky, not used to street offerings.

I just wanted it to be over with so I just had her give me the vocal test (yes I paid for more, no I did not spoil her since I had no idea what I was getting into) till done and got the hell out of there.

Not sure how to rate her, I guess if you like the street girls she is ok (no fuss, not flaky and delivered) , probably a nice looking gal pre-meth, but I will not repeat. I have seen previous postings on S***** with good ratings, so I won't judge. I did not get digits.

Be Safe.

Mi Casa Tu Casa

Lucille Bluth: Beckoning johns or taking her "medication"?
  • Lucille Bluth: Beckoning johns or taking her "medication"?

Residents had called on the Board of Alderman to come up with legislation that would allow officers to arrest sex workers and their procurers for suspicion of prostitution. Fed-up neighbors say street prostitution got out of hand in August after the police stopped arresting solicitors. In Cardonlent, residents became so frustrated that they began posting signs around their neighborhoods that read "WHORES AND JOHNS WE SEE YOU!!!!!! GET OUT"

Currently, officers can only arrest two people caught engaging in a lewd act.

The BoA bill, which you can read in full here, specifies that a law enforcement officer--or to use the parlance of the day, an LE--can make an arrest based on the following behaviors:

1. Repeatedly beckons to, stops or attempts to stop, or engages passersby in conversation; or 2. Repeatedly stops or attempts to stop motor vehicle operators by hailing, waving of arms or any other bodily gesture; or 3. Circles an area in a motor vehicle and repeatedly beckons to, contacts, or attempts to stop pedestrians; or 4. Is a known prostitute or procurer; or 5. Inquires whether a potential patron, procurer or prostitute is a police officer, searches for articles that would identify a police officer, or requests the touching or exposing of genitals or female breasts to prove that the person is not a police officer.

"Beckons to" strikes us a pretty ambiguous criteria here, but hey, it looks like it'll make the neighbors happy.

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