Mizzou Journalism Grads Can Expect Lowest Starting Salary Compared to Their Peers


Everyone in this photo needs to hock that Macbook NOW. - FLICKR VIA J-SCHOOL BUZZ

It's a well-known fact that the University of Missouri-Columbia has one of the finest undergraduate journalism programs in the country.

That's news you, apparently, can't take to the bank.

A new survey of Mizzou grads from the classes of 2010 and 2011 show that j-school grads are taking home the lowest average wage. Less than a College of Arts and Sciences kid! Like, kind of a lot less.

With 48 percent of the j-school graduates responding to a survey, and of those, only one-third providing their salary, the numbers are not a perfect portrait. And no one's getting into journalism for the money. Still, the figures do say something about the worth of a pricey degree.

The independent, student-run blog J-School Buzz pointed out the figures in this post, which was subsequently picked up by Poynter. The blog notes that students pay somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000 a year, factoring in tuition, fees, and mandatory tech supplies (because NO ONE could do journalism before the Macbook was invented).

According to the figures, the average j-school grad takes home $31,800. That's the lowest salary followed by education majors, who clocked in at $32,400. Naturally, engineering grads made the most: $54,400.

Pessimists will say it's a miracle the graduates have jobs at all, but 67 percent of the three surveyed classes do. Of those, 94 percent are working within the field of journalism. Which is good!

We left a message with the j-school to see if they have any perspective, but have yet to hear back.