Guys Behind Atrocious "We Are Mizzou" Song Have Even Worse Country Tune "SEC Bound"


SEC Bound: A boatload of bad.
  • SEC Bound: A boatload of bad.
It's hard to discern the worst part of "SEC Bound" -- a country music song (and video) about Mizzou's new athletic conference. It is it:

  • The inane chorus that goes: "We're SEC bound, the girls dress like it, too. When we're all done we're singing MIZ - ZOU"?
  • The girls in the video wearing sundresses and bikinis that awkwardly "dance" and claw for the camera?
  • The break in the music where one of the band members begins talk-rapping? 
  • The aforementioned talk-rap that goes: "We know it ain't going to be easy, boys. But, hell, like taking out a fine darling on a Friday night, it's worth the price"?

Judge for yourself:

This will come as a shock, but the guys behind "SEC Bound" (Tanner Brandell, Andrew Carter, and Matt Roberts) are the same ones who produced the horrible hip-hop song "We Are Mizzou" this past spring. And you didn't think it could get any worse, did you?

What's your favorite part of "SEC Bound"? And should Messrs. Brandell, Carter and Roberts be required to pay Mizzou quarterback James Franklin's medical bills this season? We're thinking dozens of opposing linebackers just added "SEC Bound" to their pre-game playlist.