Rick Majerus' Health Problems Resurface Once Again


Rick Majerus in happier days.
  • Rick Majerus in happier days.
As you've no doubt heard by now, Rick Majerus stepped down as head coach of the Saint Louis University Billikens on Friday for health reasons. But nobody really knows what those health reasons are -- not exactly.

ESPN 101 reported late Friday that Majerus is experiencing "serious heart issues," and SLU issued a press release that stated he's undergoing "evaluation and treatment for an ongoing heart issue." The combination of professional vagueness and veiled concern from close friends has many people expecting the worst -- and not just in a "he could be done with coaching entirely" variety.

Keegan Hamilton profiled Majerus for the Riverfront Times back in 2007. While the team was still in transition at the time of Hamilton's feature, "Big Man on Campus," Majerus is a fully-formed, larger-than-life character in the story, with both detractors and supporters voicing their opinions of his work, and of him.

And even back then, Majerus' health was a specter in the background of the story. Then-Billiken Tommie Liddell tells Hamilton that "he's probably the most hollerin' coach I've ever had," which implies that even after quintuple-bypass heart surgery in 1989, Majerus hadn't modified his high-stress coaching style or his lifestyle.