Driver Forced Off Road by Rolling Shooting on Ohio Avenue


A 45-year-old black man escaped injury last night after being caught up in a rolling shooting that forced him off the street and onto the sidewalk. The lucky driver told police he was heading north on Ohio Avenue approaching Rutger Street in the Gate neighborhood at 12:40 a.m. when he heard gunshots. He checked his rearview and saw an older model white Chevy Caprice racing side-by-side with a dark vehicle coming up behind him quickly. Two black men in the Caprice were firing guns into the dark vehicle.

At that point, the dark vehicle rear-ended the guy, forcing him onto the sidewalk. The shooters in the Chevy and the target car continued driving north on Ohio, then headed east on Hickory until they were out of sight.

The innocent driver was unhurt in the incident. No other injuries were reported, so maybe the guy in the dark car didn't get hit -- or maybe he just didn't head to a hospital if he was shot. Police continue to investigate.