Sarah Palin Adds Sarah 'Steel-man' to Her Mama Grizzly Pack



Sarah Palin has added a new mama grizzly to her pack.

She recently filmed an ad for Senate hopeful Sarah Steelman, who faces a tight three-way primary race against Todd Akin and John Brunner. In the ad, Palin revives the 'Mama Grizzlies' motif she used throughout 2010. 

In the ad, Palin says Steelman is an "economist who defends our tax dollars, like a mama grizzly defends her cubs."
So Sarah Steelman, hot-headed killing machine or momma who protects her young from taxes? Palin first floated the term "mama grizzly" to describe herself in 2008, but in 2010 her political action committee SarahPAC tried to build a movement of anti-establishment conservative women who called themselves the Mama Grizzlies. We haven't heard much from them since. 

Just in case you worried things were getting too feminist up in here, Palin's endorsement video shows Steelman (or 'Steel-man' as her t-shirt reads in one shot) looking outdoorsy and maybe even a little rugged.  

She pets a German Shepard (seriously? Why can't a conservative ever own a chihuahua corgi mix?), stands between her two sons as they toss a football on a rural road, and climbs into a red (like Republican red, not lady red) pick-up truck. The video ends with Steelman in classic conservative form: leaning casually on a white ranch fence next to a barn (we kinda thought Will Ferrell killed that shot). 

Should anyone else in Missouri politics be a "Mama Grizzly"? Any bright ideas for animal mascots for liberal ladies?