Robbery/Assault in Fountain Park Sends Man to the Hospital


A 34-year-old black man is in serious condition at an area hospital after a vicious robbery in the Fountain Park neighborhood. The man told police he was in the 900 block of North Euclid Avenue at 2:40 a.m. Monday night when a bald black man of medium height and build approached him and stabbed him in the left arm and shoulder.

While the two men were struggling, a second suspect approached.

This newcomer was a black man in his early 40s, over 6' tall and an estimated 250 pounds. He held down the victim while the first attacker stabbed him several more times, then took his wallet and the $130 it contained.

The suspects ran east, while the victim was able to get to the gas station at North Kingshighway and summon help. Police continue to investigate the crime.