Oh Lordy! Harley Owners Blame Church for Damaged Bikes


Not sure this lawsuit is going to help.
  • Not sure this lawsuit is going to help.
One usually thinks of bikers as "sinners" and churchgoers -- especially those who attend a chapel called Peace Free Will Baptist -- as pretty moral folks. Perhaps even too moral. 

But, oh, no! Lordy, no! Not according to what has got to be one of the most frivolous local lawsuits in years. And that's saying something considering the case was filed in the judicial hellhole of Madison County Circuit Court.

As the The Record of Madison and St. Clair reports, last June a fire broke out at Joe's Hawg Doc repair shop in Pontoon Beach. Inside the repair shop were several expensive Harley Davidsons, including a 1935 bike valued at $50,000. The fire department eventually arrived at the scene but was unable to extinguish the flames because they allegedly couldn't get enough water pressure when they hooked up to the fire hydrant at the church next door.

And who is to blame?

Why the terrible folks at Peace Free Will Baptist Church, of course! According to the lawsuit, when the church installed the hydrant on its property (presumably to be used if its own building caught fire) it negligently failed to use the correct size water line.

So, it's only fair that the church pay eleven bike owners for the Harleys they lost when the repair shop next door burned down, no? Never mind that the repair shop's insurer has refused to honor its policy and pay for the damage.

The bike owners, innocent little angels that they are, are seeking at least $150,000.