And the Name of the St. Louis Lingerie Football League Team Is...


At last, she has something to wear. - WWW.LFLUS.COM
  • At last, she has something to wear.
After weeks of fan voting, the Lingerie Football League this morning revealed the name and colors of St. Louis' expansion franchise, which you've no doubt been awaiting with bated, er, breath.

The colors? Remarkably similar (to my tint-blind eyes, at any rate) to those of the St. Louis Rams. The name? Remarkably similar to that of a certain pro football franchise in a city nestled right beside the Mississippi River.

Make way for the the St. Louis Saints. (Really?) I suppose it's better than the St. Louis Louises.

 So the team has a color scheme and a name, now it just needs players. To that end, open tryouts are being held Sunday, June 24, at Vetta Sports Center (12320 Old Tesson Road). If you want to give it a shot, you'll need to dress athletically, bring your own cleats, and don't forgot that standby of sports tryouts, the full-body photograph.