Larry Rice Hints that He's Considering a County Location for Next Tent City


Integrity Village II, opening soon in St. Louis County?
  • Integrity Village II, opening soon in St. Louis County?
Reverend Larry Rice revealed his suit against St. Louis City today for allegedly failing to follow its own procedures for issuing a condemnation notice, and for violating his First Amendment rights. Rice believes that the city impeded his religious rights on the grounds that he was conducting worship services in Integrity Village when it was torn down.

Also, apparently a second Integrity Village is in the planning stages -- Rice's son, Chris Rice, is working on setting up a tent city somewhere in the county.

Rice would not say where the county-based tent city would be, but it makes sense. He's long contended that most of the homeless people downtown are actually dropped off there by county authorities who want them out of sight -- or at least out of their boundaries.

On this issue Rice and the City agree. St. Louis Director of Health William Siedhoff complained about the practice on the record back in February, long before Integrity Village went up.

So now the question becomes, where in the county can Rice erect a tent city? And can he actually get anyone situated in this theoretical city before the authorities swoop down on them and arrest them?

Of course, once Rice and company are arrested, they don't have to worry about getting home. Apparently the cops will dump them right at the New Life Evangelistic Center's front door.