Humberto Quintero "Slanty-Eye"-Bombs Bruce Chen Interview


This is definitely not racist. - WOOKIEGOLDBERG VIA REDDIT

The Kansas City Royals not only lost their weekend series against the Pirates, they gave up a little dignity as well.

During his interview with Fox at the bottom of the fourth inning on Saturday, pitcher Bruce Chen was being mocked in the background by his fellow teammates. It was mostly harmless horseplay, until catcher Humberto Quintero dove in with a super classy impression of Chen's eyes.

Chen is originally from Panama and of Chinese descent.

No one during the actual interview acknowledged the racist gesture. Later, after Quintero's antics were pointed out to him, Chen insisted that it was no big deal.

"It's just joking around," he told the Kansas City Star. "I'm definitely not offended, and I hope other people don't get offended."

Too late! The screen grab of Quintero is making the rounds online, and being called "tasteless."

Chen re-emphasized his nonchalance with a couple of tweets, saying his eyes are "sexy":

Chen is being lauded for his low-key response, though this oddly casual racism towards Asians is nothing new in the world of pro-sports. Remember this fun tidbit from Linsanity? And of course, this really good idea an entire Spanish basketball team had before a trip to China.