More Laser Pointers Hit Planes at Lambert


Don't even get me started on those Imperial jerks.
  • Don't even get me started on those Imperial jerks.
The holiday weekend brought out the idiots again, as bozos with laser pointers lurking somewhere near Lambert International Airport shined their technological gewgaws into the cockpits of two aircraft on successive days. 

A helicopter initially reported being lasered on Sunday. On Monday night, a pilot for Delta airlines reported that a green laser illuminated the cockpit, and noted that it was coming from somewhere on the ground (sorry, UFO hopefuls). 

Is there anybody with a laser pointer who's not an asshole? (Full disclosure: I own several.) Whether it's that professor waving it at his PowerPoint slides while droning on about mitochondria, the neighbor kid who keeps playing sniper on your forehead every time you step out the front door or the mouthbreather skulking around the airport hoping to get a hard-on when he hits the cockpit, none of these are people with whom you want to spend any time. 

In summation, fuck you laser pointer people.