Freaky Lights Spotted Over Blue Springs: Possibly Aliens, Definitely Internet Gold


The freaky blue-red lights seen twinkling over Blue Springs (KPLR, KMOV) have now begun to trickle into newscasts across the country; even Huffington Post is all over it in their Weird News section.

It all started with this newscast on KCTV Channel 5 in Kansas City:

The newscast has elicited some predictable-yet-awesome comments, ranging from those who want to probe deeper:
How about firing a few rounds with a high powered rifle at it. If it is from outer space who knows what will happen. Shine a laser pointer at it also. We know the craft is not of this world.
to those who wish to really broaden the context:
its the usual response from the liars in the military, there giving you the 220 shuffle while they really know whats going on. there all liars and we should have all our generals heads on a silver platter.
It's also been re-posted a bunch of times on YouTube.

Missouri MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is on the case.

But we believe HuffPo got the most amusing quote of all:

Jeremy Dickstein, spokesperson for the Blue Springs Police Department, told The Huffington Post that no one had called in a report about the unidentified objects, though he was aware of news coverage they have generated.

"It's pretty hard to investigate UFOs on a local level," Dickstein said.