Collin Grundstrom, Busch Stadium Streaker: Two Balls, Nothing On and the Runner Goes


The running of the balls.
  • The running of the balls.
Last night's Cards vs. Phillies game was a real eye-opener, at least when the seventh-inning stretch rolled around and a streaker jumped the rail. Collin J. Grundstrom stripped it and ripped it, running willy-nilly to deep centerfield -- where most fly balls are snagged -- before being snared by stadium security.

In the understatement of the season, head of security Joe Walsh told the press that Grundstrom "appeared to have been drinking." You don't say ...

Video after the jump.

Grundstrom faces one count of being a spectator on the field and one count of lewd and lascivious behavior. I'll grant the police the former, but I'm not so sure about the latter; after this game was over, a crowd of sports journalists stood around in a locker room asking questions of the home nine, a lot of whom were wearing the exact same outfit Grundstrom wore. The tattoos were just in different places.

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