Scrap Metal Thieves Will Be Paid By Check Under Proposed Law


Expect your payment in four to six business days.
  • Expect your payment in four to six business days.
St. Louis County Councilwoman Hazel Erby may have drafted the solution for stopping the rampant theft of copper from the County's air conditioners, cell phone towers and pipes. Her bill, which received first-round approval Tuesday, would require scrap metal dealers to keep a registry of sellers, sellers would have to provide photo identification and -- this is the elegant part -- scrap metal dealers will pay sellers with a check that's sent by mail.

Since most of the people out there stripping homes of their copper pipes and stealing air conditioner units are doing it for a quick buck, this new law will eliminate the goal of the quick buck. Now that buck will be at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service.

Game, set, match, Erby.

Of course, the proposal still has to be passed by the County, which could happen as soon as May 29. It received unanimous support Tuesday night, so the odds are good. Which means the odds will most likely soon be worse for your neighborhood scrap scavenger.