Johnny Medina Charged in Tuesday's Horse-Jacking


Perhaps the greatest cowboy hat of all time.
  • Perhaps the greatest cowboy hat of all time.
Upon second thought, that headline looks deceptively dirty, no? Johnny I. Medina, 40, has been identified as the desperado who allegedly attempted to commandeer the horse-drawn carriage driven by Larry Turner Tuesday night.

There is no mugshot available of Mr. Medina at this time. 

Medina has been charged with second degree robbery ("the defendant forcibly stole a horse and carriage"), third degree assault ("the defendant attempted to cause physical injury to R.H. by kicking him") and misdemeanor animal abuse ("the defendant purposely caused injury or suffering to a horse"). He has two pending cases already against him; one for second degree assault, and one for third degree assault.

Still a mystery is his motivation for his actions. Once you steal a horse and carriage, what do you do with it?