Jon Hamm Raps, Advises Teenage Girls



A colleague suggested that we add a special blog category here at Daily RFT for news of Jon Hamm. It would be a public service, the sort of thing they give Pulitzer Prizes for. (Maybe not exactly the sort of thing. But it would still be a public service.)

In the meantime, while we work on it, enjoy the serendipitous bounty of two new Hamm videos. Must be some sort of side-effect of the supermoon or something.

First, behold Hamm at his least Don Draper-like (read: disheveled and awkward) offering advice to teenage girls as part of the often-brilliant Rookie magazine's Ask A Grown Man feature.

Note the Cardinals World Series champions t-shirt. Also, were we the only ones who closed our eyes and tried to imagine Draper giving Sally The Talk?

And now watch Hamm freestyle and free-associate about the 70s TV show Taxi, accompanied by Reggie Watts for Watts's new IFC talk show, Comedy Bang! Bang!

Should Jon Hamm seek a side career as a video advice columnist or a rapper? Discuss.