Mobile Home Fire Reveals 50 One-Pot Meth Labs


Common meth lab components. - KEEGAN HAMILTON
  • Keegan Hamilton
  • Common meth lab components.
Firefighters responded to a mobile home blaze Monday at Pacific Summit Estates in Franklin County, reports The Washington Missourian. Witnesses told police that they saw a man and a woman run from the home while smoke was pouring out of it, then get it into separate cars and drive off. That was suspicious, but what investigators found in the ashes of the home was even more suspicious.

The remnants of at least 50 one-pot meth labs, used for the volatile shake and bake method of cooking meth, which as Keegan Hamilton reported in the RFT feature story "Shaken and Baked," can often end with an explosion and serious burns for the cook. Hundreds of empty blister packs for cold and allergy tablets were also in the wreckage.

Police are now looking for three suspects connected to the property.