Rep. Zachary Wyatt Comes Out at Press Conference Denouncing "Don't Say Gay" Bill


Missouri Representative Zachary Wyatt
  • Missouri Representative Zachary Wyatt
Republican legislator Representative Zachary Wyatt held a press conference today in Jefferson City at which he and several of his colleagues officially denounced the much-ridiculed "Don't Say Gay" bill proposed by fellow Republican Rep. Steve Cookson. Wyatt then announced to the world that he is gay, and asked his fellow GOP'er to rescind the bill.

Look, coming out to family and friends is tough -- but deciding to take that very daunting step off the precipice at a press conference? That takes guts. 

Wyatt, a veteran, had last week expressed concerns about the bill, citing his own experiences of being bullied as a child. Something Wyatt told his home district newspaper, the Kirksville Express, serves as a reminder that bullying occurs in adulthood as well. 

"I've not been immune to it. I hear the comments, usually snide ones, directed at me. I am not the first or last Republican to come out. I have just gotten tired of the bigotry being shown on both sides of the aisle on gay issues. Being gay has never been a Republican or Democrat issue, and it never should be."

Well said.