Yea or Nay: Should St. Louis City Reduce the Number of Aldermen?


Will this map have fewer divisions come 2021?
  • Will this map have fewer divisions come 2021?
Alderman Phyllis Young is reportedly planning to propose that the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen contract from 28 members down to a svelte 12, citing the need for a more streamlined, efficient city government. If the proposal passes -- which would require the citizens to vote on it -- no changes will take place until after the 2020 census.

This is not the first time an aldermanic reduction plan has been promulgated -- a plan was put to the public as recently as 2004 -- yet all previous attempts have failed to win the people's approval.

Which leads us to our question of the day: Would you vote for a smaller and sleeker Board of Alderman? Vote below.