Jeffrey Priesmeyer: Good Friday for Alton Church with Alleged Vandal Arrested


Priesmeyer: Fabric softener added to mess.
  • Priesmeyer: Fabric softener added to mess.
The Madison County Sheriff's Office filed charges this week against 21-year-old Jeffrey Piesmeyer of East Alton, accusing him of vandalizing a local church.

Church officials at the Greater Alton Church arrived at their chapel early last Sunday -- April 1 -- to find several discharged fire extinguishers (with their chemical agent covering hundreds of chairs), fabric softener spilled about the floor and two busted coffee canisters.

An April Fool's joke? Perhaps, though none of the church members thought it very funny.

A sheriff's investigation led deputies to Priesmeyer, who questioned the suspect in his nearby home. Authorities say that they found an item stolen from the church inside Priesmeyer's home. On Tuesday he was arrested and taken into custody.  He remained in the Madison County Jail yesterday with bond set at $40,000.