Del Taco Spaceship Will Now Serve Coffee & Burritos


The spaceship is now fueled by caffeine and beans.
  • The spaceship is now fueled by caffeine and beans.
Last summer's architectural cause celebre, the midtown Del Taco building that looks Parliament's Mothership, was saved from the wrecking ball thanks to public outcry and the efforts of the Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Aldermanic Committee. At the time, building owner Rick Yackey was pushing for demolition because he was certain the poor parking situation and unusual structure of the building would deter another business from moving in.

He was almost right; one tenant did not move in. Instead, there will be two: Chipotle and Starbucks are reportedly taking over the space. That building must be part-Tardis

Alderman Marlene Davis has indicated that the city will need to rework the traffic pattern at South Grand Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway to alleviate some problems, but one thing's going to flow freely: The student body at SLU. A combination coffee and burrito place within walking distance will keep anybody regular.