Occupy St. Louis Returns, Sets Up Camp, Police Boot 'Em Out


Screengrab from an Occupier's camera feed.
  • Screengrab from an Occupier's camera feed.
Occupy St. Louis returned yesterday to launch Occupy the Midwest, a weekend gathering of activists and organizers that will herald more occupying. This time around, the group chose Compton Hill Reservoir Park rather than Kiener Plaza. The end result was much the same as their residency at Kiener, except it came much quicker: Just after 10 p.m. when the park curfew kicked in, the police kicked them out.
Fourteen Occupiers were arrested, but only two for resisting arrest -- the others received park curfew violations and citations for failure to comply with police orders. Two people were injured, and one police car windshield was broken.You can watch it unfold here. It's a stark contrast to last year's peaceful, two-month occupation of Kiener Plaza, a location where the organizers might regroup.

It's an interesting start to the Occupying season.