Read An Exclusive Excerpt from Joe Schuster's The Might Have Been



The sun is out, the breeze is soft, and the thermometer is supposed to hit 80 this afternoon. And you are stuck inside, so desperate that you are reading Daily RFT to ease your pain.

We're doing our best. Today we present an exclusive excerpt of The Might Have Been, the first novel by Joe Schuster, a professor at Webster University, a devout Cardinals fan and the subject of this week's feature story, "Coulda Shoulda Did." Schuster's publisher, Random House, kindly granted us permission to reprint the first two chapters, the story of Edward Everett Yates, a 27-year-old Cardinals rookie in the summer of 1976.

We hope this makes you feel better about being trapped in front of the computer. At the very least, you can be grateful you're not at old Busch Stadium in July where the radiation from the Astroturf made the heat feel even more brutal.

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